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151 Changed his name from "Bollar" to "Bolar." Bolar, John Jr (I988)
152 Changed his name to "Ivar Slaen Ellefson" upon emigrating to the United States. Slen, Ivar Elivson (I2855)
153 Changed his surname to "Ellefson" upon emigrating to the United States. Slen, Eirik B. (I2962)
154 Changed his surname to "Ellefson" upon emigrating to the United States. Slen, Viking (I2963)
155 Changed spelling of May to Mae Bush, Minerva May (I254)
156 Contracted malaria while engaged in survey work.  Herring, John Smith (I1416)
157 coronary occlusion Stephenson, John Wilson Jr (I1150)
158 Cott & Sallie met at the University of Kentucky. Family F2
159 Crash in a private plane. Vital, Victoria Marie (I1588)
160 Date of birth is conjecture. Sarah (I647)
161 Date of birth is conjecture. Stephenson, William (I646)
162 Date of death is cut off in original: 17__. Dirks, Claes (I2822)
163 Date taken from the filing of his will, 1722. Flood, Walter (I1893)
164 Death info based on Rev. War pension record - She rec'd last pension check in 1848 Templeton, Nancy Ann (I1660)
165 Description: Her name is given as Eliza J. G. Stephenson in the 1880 US census. Perhaps Eliza Jane Gatewood? She does seem to have used the name "Gatewood," however, as per the WW1 draft registration of her husband. (Anne Leyden) Stephenson, Gatewood Warwick (I1148)
166 Diabetes Baty, Betty Jean (I1581)
167 Died age 20. Beatty, John Chapman (I2389)
168 Died as a child from encephalitis Honeycutt, Jeremy Harold (I596)
169 Died as an infant. Scruggs (I2484)
170 Died as an infant. Scruggs, George H. (I2688)
171 Died as an infant. Scruggs (I2689)
172 Died at age 17. Scruggs, Thomas (I2424)
173 Died in infancy. Scruggs (I2518)
174 Died in service during the Seminole War. Herring, Daniel Smith (I1421)
175 Died in service in the Confederate army. Noble, Abner Turner (I1813)
176 Died in service in the Confederate army. Noble, Joseph Brainard (I1815)
177 Died of malnutrition in a German hospital after going MIA on 18 Dec 1944. Maxie, William Henry Jr (I933)
178 Died single. Scruggs, Philip Hale (I2520)
179 Died single. Scruggs, William Frederick Crockett (I2554)
180 Died single. Scruggs, Edward (I2716)
181 Died young. Scruggs, Eliott (I2641)
182 Died young. Scruggs, Drury (I2721)
183 diptheria Stephenson, Washington Alexander (I1248)
184 diptheria Stephenson, Wallace Woodworth (I1260)
185 diptheria Stephenson, Robert Alexander (I1259)
186 Dr. Kelley was educated in the schools of his vicinity, usually about 3 months in the year and then taught school three terms, common schools, during the war and being an excellent scribe, after that, taught writing school. After the war he read medicine with H.D. Thompson, MD of Simpson county and then attended course of medical lectures in 1869 and 1870 at University of Louisville, KY. Dr. W.O. Roberts and Dr. H.A. Cottell were classmates. Then practiced and read medicine under Dr. F.H. Kelley of Orange County, IN. In 1871 he came to Allen Co., KY and practiced till January, 1873. He practiced at Fountain Head, TN until October of 1873. He again attended University of Louisville and graduated March of 1874.He went to New Roe, KY (Allen Co, KY) and practiced till 1884 and then went to Scottsville, KY and practiced with much success. Source-Brown Manuscripts in Simpson County, KY Archives. Kelley, Dr. James David (I20)
187 Edwin Ford: either Pickett or Prickett Pickett, Elizabeth B. (I102)
188 Edwin Ford: Grandmother (Stella Curtis) was told about his coming home from New Orleans, and her mother (Lucy Giles) saw him hunched over on his horse, and he didn't live very long after that. He became infected with some kind of fever or something and made it home but didn't live very long after he got there. Could have been 64 instead of 63, but I don't know.  Curtis, Dr James H. (I1680)
189 Edwin Ford: He died early 1890s after a fever that broke out soon after the construction of Thomasville (incorporated 1888).  Curtis, W. Edwin (I3184)
190 Edwin Ford: He died on the same day as his father.  Gilmore (I3188)
191 Edwin Ford: He died on the same day as his son.  Gilmore Dr. (I3187)
192 Edwin Ford: He was 35 and she was 18 when they were married.  Family F605
193 Edwin Ford: He was 35 when he married Lucy Giles in 1860. Curtis, Dr James H. (I1680)
194 Edwin Ford: His tombstone lists 1854 as his date of birth, but the 1870 census lists him as 14 years old. Ford, John Tarplay (I99)
195 Edwin Ford: Lucy Giles came to Shiloh, AL (Marengo Co) to teach school, supposedly. Lived with a family named Hosea. She was from Laurel, DE, probably born there. Had a brother than never married, who ran a box factory. When he died there was no will, so his estate was divided and Stella Melissa Curtis inherited $2000-3000, 1/76th of the total, a lot of money for the day. Have her copy of the letter announcing the distribution. Came just before the war. Think we have a copy of the marriage license from Marengo County.  Giles, Lucy M. (I1681)
196 Edwin Ford: Son of Ollie and W. Edwin Curtis. Went to TX to live with his grandmother after W. E. died early 1890s. Married and had one son.  Curtis (I3186)
197 Elected Colonel of the 20th Virginia Cavalry at age 20. Arnett, Col. William Willey (I1078)
198 Elizabeth Haynes Kelley has wedding ring he gave May Ida. It came from
her grandmother Sallie Louise Haynes. 
Haynes, Dr. William Henry (I48)
199 Error! Ancestor of Thomas Eldridge (1740-1685) but not his father because of time gap between them. Eldridge, John (I1900)
200 Father's name was O'Duffe,but he drop the "O" and eventually the "e" Duff, Alice Belle (I3408)

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