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Harris, Alonso Franklin (I294)
202 Fought under Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne in the Revolutionary War. Scruggs, Gross (I1747)
203 from "Descendants of Thomas Caudill" by Mary H. Wallace. Wood, Polly Sterling (I3180)
204 from "Descendants of Thomas Caudill" by Mary H. Wallace. Caudill, Moses (I3179)
205 from Barbara Cayley: He taught in Wauxahatchee, TX (Trinity University, presbyterian, now moved) with a MS degree. Later earned a PhD at University of Chicago (The North Atlantic fisheries in United States-Canadian relations : a history of the fisheries problems, their settlements and attempted settlements, with special emphasis on the period since the establishment of the dominion of Canada.|library/marc/uc|4240341 ) and taught one year at the University of Kansas City when Barbara was in kindergarten. Moved back to TX where he worked for a publishing house in Ft. Worth. Meanwhile B lived in Wauxahatchee with her grandmother. They moved to AL when B was going to be in 2nd grade, but after testing they put her in 3rd (skipped 2nd). Stayed in Jacksonville, AL until his death. New president at Kansas City brought new staff and most recently hired (Cayley among them) were replaced. No tenure system at the time. Cayley later traveled and made public talks in support of establishing the tenure system.

Cayley met Gough when she went to spend summer vacation with friends in Chicago while B stayed w/ grandparents. She was a schoolteacher.

During WWII college professors in Jacksonville often filled in gaps teaching high school when necessary. B's sr. year of high school classes were in basement of main admin bldg of Jack St. Taught English and history by college profs.

President of Jacksonville St. took advantage of depression by seeking out top scholars (PhDs especially) to strengthen the faculty. Had higher percentage of PhDs on faculty than any other school in AL. Dr. Calvert--head of English dept, Harvard PhD (?).  
Cayley, Dr Charles Everett (I109)
206 from Edwin Ford: 1840 census shows Joel and Elizabeth in NC; 1850 census shows them with children in Natchitoches Parish, LA; 1860 census shows them in Mobile without two oldest children; 1870 census shows Elizabeth only in Choctaw Corner, AL, with her youngest son, age 14. They had six children altogether: the two who presumably stayed in Louisiana, one who was killed in the Civil War; Harrison who was injured but survived, Cassandra who was the second-youngest, and John who was the youngest.  Family F26
207 from Edwin Ford: Elizabeth had one daughter (Ethel?) who lived to be 30, married a Hamilton, buried Choctaw Corner. Her child also buried there.  Ford, Ethel (I3200)
208 from Edwin Ford: John Tarplay came to Thomasville/Choctaw Corner to teach school but ended up keeping books for people. Had problems with alcohol. May have presented himself as being older than he actually was--cemetery marker says 1854, as written by his widow, but census suggests his actual birth may have been 1856.  Ford, John Tarplay (I99)
209 from Edwin Ford: Stella Curtis had 10 pregnancies, five of whom lived to adulthood. Some of her descendants are RH negative; maybe Stella was as well, and that caused the high infant mortality rate.  Curtis, Stella Melissa (I100)
210 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1228
211 from Steve Gatch Haynes, Elsworth Dils (I60)
212 from Steve Laswongatch Haynes, Josephine (I445)
213 from Steve Lawsongatch Gatch, Albert Briggs (I446)
214 from Steve Lawsongatch Gatch, Albert Briggs (I446)
215 from Steve Lawsongatch, though he lists her name as Sarah. Haynes, Sally (I58)
216 from Steven Gatch Langtree, Katherine (I430)
217 from the records of Steve Gatch Plummer, Louisa (I62)
218 Gentleman Justice of St. Matthew's Parish, 1764-1766 Scruggs, Richard (I2217)
219 Given 288 acres in Charlotte County, VA in 1767 from King George II. "Green Level." Friend, Joseph (I2092)
220 granddaughter of Washington Stephenson (1813-1858) Stephenson, Harriet Sommers (I1026)
221 Gross died after complications from being badly scalded in the explosion of the paddleboat James I. Staples. Scruggs, Gross IV (I1645)
222 Guerrant Guerin, Daniel (I1915)
223 Gun accident. Stephenson, Hubert Bolar Jr (I868)
224 Had a wife, five children, and eight slaves at the time of his emigration to Georgia.  Scruggs, Richard (I2217)
225 Haynes Kelley: "He had a missing tooth. He had a replacement, but it obviously was not an original. You could tell it was whiter. It was this white thing, and the teeth on either side were not nearly so white. And he had had it since he was a child, and some kid, they had been throwing gravel, and he'd caught a piece of gravel in the mouth and knocked his tooth out. I think he had been on the top of the house." Kelley, William Haynes Sr (I1)
226 Haynes Kelley: "They were living in Woodward. That's of course where Tingham has all her fond memories of living in Woodward. And then, the story is the guy who ran the coke plant there, who was in charge of it, his son finished college and needed a job, and so they decided that the superintendent of the coke plant, the job that my grandfather had, was a job that had to be filled by somebody who had a college degree. And so they unceremoniously fired--let my grandfather go. But Tingham had scarlet fever, so they couldn't move for six months or a year. They stayed there with my grandfather not having a job, just living in company housing until they moved to Holly Court, which is up this way." Millar, William Douglas Sr (I87)
227 Haynes Kelley: "Uncle Jack--it was kind of funny--Uncle Jack loved to compare bald spots with my dad. It was a big deal. Jack had a bigger bald spot than Daddy did, and so Jack decided he needed a toupee. He was proud of that toupee. It was a part of who he was. It was funny. And I think somewhat of a status symbol. It was important not to be bald, and he could afford a toupee, so he had one." McCaw, John Todd (I9)
228 He moved to Joliet in 1862. Bush, Stephen Nichols (I529)
229 heart attack Stephenson, John Howard (I193)
230 heart attack Stephenson, James Buchanan III (I1196)
231 heart attack Stephenson, Donald John (I1198)
232 Heart attack Williams, Sumner McBee (I2027)
233 Heart attack. Stephenson, Willard Lindsay (I920)
234 heart disease Erickson, Lillian Omunda (I1195)
235 heart failure Stephenson, Anne Margaret (I1092)
236 Her grave marker at Elmwood Cemetery shows her birth year as 1854. MacMillin, Ida (I114)
237 Her name appears on record as Rebecca, Rebeckah, or Rebeka.  Rebecca (I659)
238 Her tombstone is marked "Susan E. Stephenson." Wilson, Esther Susannah (I1246)
239 Hester or Esther Stephenson, Hester (I681)
240 His car was struck by a tractor-trailer near Lewisburg, WV, 24 June 1965.  Stephenson, Roscoe Bolar Sr (I187)
241 His name was changed from Gouhenant to Gounah when he emigrated from France to Canada. Gouhenant, Ernest (I1714)
242 His neck was broken when he was thrown from a horse. Wright, Ellsworth (I1536)
243 His will is dated 17 May 1785. Scruggs, William (I2225)
244 His will is dated 26 Apr 1788. Scruggs, Thomas (I2206)
245 His will is dated 29 Apr 1782. Scruggs, Drury (I2218)
246 His will is dated 8 Jul 1785. Turner, James (I1761)
247 Hit by a car. Bouldin, Thomas Vanderford (I3288)
248 Hugenot Contesse, Dr Louis (I2057)
249 Info on John Edward Bush and his families came from "Past and Present
of Will County" by W. W. Stevens (info fm Donald W. Gant) 
Bush, John Edward (I531)
250 Information from an American Ancestry of the Clark-Morton and
Tayman-Millar-Adams Families by Muriel Millar Clark Spoden. 
Adams, Sarah Elizabeth (I140)

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